CFS™ Concentrate + Paste Horse Shampoo 1 lb

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A highly concentrated equine shampoo that cleans and brightens the coat, mane and tail.

Product Details

CFS™ concentrate paste shampoo is formulated to provide a deep clean while brightening the hair, visibly improving the appearance of the coat. This unique shampoo dissolves heavy dirt and everyday stains, while leaving an unbeatable superior shine.

The Benefits

-Extreme suds and foam result in easier bathing and deep cleansing

-50+ washes per bottle when used as directed

-Built in coat brightener leaves an unbeatable shine

Key Ingredients

-Proprietary shine additive adds unparalleled brightness

-100% all-natural citrus based fragrance

How to Use

Dilute ½-1 oz. in a bucket of water and sponge all over the coat, then rinse.




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  • 5

    Posted by Tracey F Schraeder on Sep 4th 2020

    best product I've ever used

  • 5
    absolutely the best whitening shampoo!

    Posted by Maura F on Mar 6th 2020

    I used to have to buy a new bottle of the purple shampoo every other bath because it would take so much to keep my mostly white paint white. After hearing about these products I immediately bought them. I was the most impressed with this product. All I use is about a quarter size amount for her neck and belly, and then repeat for the rest of her body. This stuff works extremely well and fast! And best of all leaves my horses coat shiny and soft! I would recommend these products to anyone!!

  • 5
    5 star system

    Posted by Jackie Viaene on Mar 2nd 2020

    I started using equifuse after all of the hype. I wanted to know if it was really as good as people said! The verdict was yes!

    I have an appy who has a large portion of white and to say the least he doesn’t like to be clean. After I bathe him he shines like a copper penny and his blanket is white as snow. This isn’t even the best part - the products help repel dirt so even when he wants to get downright dirty after his bath he stays clean.

    This is a 5 star system and now I don’t use anything else! It’s well worth the $$.

  • 5
    My absolute favorite!

    Posted by Jillian Hummer on Mar 1st 2020

    This is my absolute favorite product of there's at least my horse has white and shiny which is an absolute must for a Grey tobiano!!! Leaves coat silky and hydrated!

  • 5
    Best clean ever

    Posted by brenda stone on Mar 1st 2020

    The only product I will use on my horse. Amazing clean. Amazing shine. Amazing products

  • 5

    Posted by Nicole Wuest Oechsner on Jul 7th 2019

    I purchased EquiFUSE Gleam from the Midwest Horse Fair and fell in love. I knew I needed the entire regimen, so I purchased it all. This past weekend I gave my filly a bath using the entire regimen and I couldn't believe the amount of shine she had, how amazing her coat, mane, and tail felt, and how heavenly she smelled! It is a few days since her bath and she still has shine and softness for days!! If you're going to buy one item from the regimen, do yourself a favor and buy it all right away!! Each product has it's own perk to it and goes hand in had with the others. #ForeverCustomer #EquiFUSEForTheWin

  • 5
    The best

    Posted by melissa shott on Mar 13th 2019

    The cfs is amazing on the horses coat it cleans so well and still keeps the skin hydrated the only shampoo I trust on my horses and it's great on dogs too

  • 5
    Great shampoo!

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 2nd 2017

    Awesome product. Love that's it's concentrated- I can fill a bucket & wash 4 horses with ease! I use it straight from the tub on a flaxen colored tail & let it sit to remove extra dirt while I wash the rest of my horse.

  • 5
    Great Product no so good shipping

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 2nd 2017

    The product arrived with loose cap, spilled in Box. Poor packing job for the amount paid for shipping. Ugh.