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The EquiFUSE System

How many times do you rinse when bathing with the entire EquiFUSE 6 product system?

2 rinses total!

What is the recommended shampoo process?


EquiFUSE® CFS™ Concentrate + Paste Shampoo

EquiFUSE® CitraFoam™ Sulfate Free Shampoo

First, rinse horse’s entire body, mane and tail. Begin by diluting CFS in a bucket of water, and then sponging the shampoo mixture all over the body. This shampoo specializes in deep cleaning while brightening the coat hair. If the horse is light colored or has stains, apply CFS directly for stain lifting and whitening chrome areas. While CFS soaks on the body, begin massaging CitraFoam straight into the mane and tail. Make sure the shampoo is massaged into the base of the scalp and dock of the tail. CitraFoam offers a deep conditioning clean without drying the hair or stripping natural oils. Once finished with both shampoos, RINSE.

What is the recommended conditioner process?


EquiFUSE® CitraCreme™ Deep Concentrate + Rehydrant

EquiFUSE® Rehydrinse™ 1-Step Coat Protector + Conditioner

After the shampooing process, apply CitraCreme conditioner liberally to the mane and tail. For best results, allow CitraCreme to stay on the hair for 3-5 minutes, and then RINSE. Lastly, make up a bucket of 1 gallon of water and mix in 1 oz of Rehydrinse. Using a clean sponge, apply the Rehydrinse conditioner solution all over the body, legs, and head. Once the bucket is empty, sweat scrape or let air dry. That is right, LEAVE IT IN!

Once dry, what now?


EquiFUSE Shine Perfect + Shine Spray

EquiFUSE Gleam Moisturizer + Shine Serum

After your horse has dried, spray Shine around the body.  Use a brush to disperse the spray evenly, while activating the shine properties left on the coat from Rehydrinse. To finish, pour a quarter sized dollop of the Gleam serum into your hands and massage into the mane and tail hair.


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