Essential Bug + Fly Repellant

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Essential™ Bug + Fly Repellant 17 oz. 

A naturally effective method to rid flies and insects from pestering your horse. 

Product Details

Essential acts as a dual action treatment, creating a shield against pests while protecting the coat and skin from bites and irritation! This 100% moisturizing, non-greasy spray is essential for daily use and can be reapplied as needed to guarantee a peaceful, bug free environment.

The Benefits

-Eco friendly and all natural formula that repels flies and bugs for an hour of coverage 

-Non greasy formula that is moisturizing to the skin and coat

- Protects the coat and skin from bites and irritation

Key Ingredients

-Citronella Oil

-Eucalyptus Oil

How to Use

Mist EquiFUSE® Essential directly on a wet or dry coat, mane and tail. Follow up with a brush to disperse evenly and reapply as needed.